Politics Research Lab

My politics research lab hosts a select group of graduate and undergraduate students each semester who serve as my research assistants, teaching assistants, mentees, or coauthors. We have lab meetings every Friday at 4pm.

The following roster applies to students in the Fall 2023 Research Lab.

Graduate Students 

Tim Bynion tbynion@gmu.edu

Tim Bynion

Political Science PhD, 2024
Lab projects: Voter Turnout Experiment, Teaching Assistant, PhD dissertation
Research interests: Congress, partisanship, voting behavior
Personal interests: Playing piano, watching football, playing tennis, and trivia night with other students!






Christine German
Political Science Ph.D., 2024
Lab Projects: Ph.D. dissertation
Research Interests: extremism, terrorism, gender, authoritarianism


Aubrey Grant, agrant12@gmu.edu

Aubrey Grant photo

Public Policy Ph.D. Candidate, 2024
Lab Projects: Ph.D. dissertation writing
Research Interests: immigration, refugee resettlement, networks, gender, public policy
Personal Interests: travel, reading, running, cooking






Janet Marroquin jmarroq2@gmu.edu
Biodefense Ph.D., 2024
Lab Projects: Ph.D. Dissertation


Jason Smith, jsmit28@gmu.edu

Jason Smith

Political Science, Ph.D., 2023
Lab Projects: Ph.D. dissertation
Research Interests: Congress, executive, separation of powers, domestic policy effects on foreign affairs, national security
Personal Interests: biking, reading, movies






Undergraduate Students, Fall 2022 and/or Spring 2023

Student Degree Program Lab Project
Maaz Abbasi


Maaz Abbasi headshot

BA, GVIP 2024 Undergraduate TA
Ysabella Aromas


Bella Aromas
BA, GVIP 2026 URAP; caucus data management
Anna Garren


Anna Garren headshot

BS, PUAD & Data Science, 2025 Undergraduate TA
Gabriella Grabovska


Gabriella Grabovska headshot

BA, GVIP 2026 URAP; caucus data management
Molly Izer


Molly Izer headshot

BA, GVIP 2024 Undergraduate TA; Caucus Persistence
Zona Khan


Zona Khan headshot

BA, GVIP 2024 URAP; Manuscript support
Stuart Loomis


MA, Poli Sci, 2024 Manuscript support
Eleni  Mercer


BA, GVIP 2025 Manuscript support
Daksha Magesh


Daksha Magesh headshot

BA, GVIP 2025 Undergraduate TA
Jena Musmar


Jena Musmar headshot

BA, GVIP 2025 Undergraduate TA
Ethan Thomas


Photo of Ethan Thomas

BA, GVIP 2024 Caucus data management
Charreko “CJ” Walker


BA, GVIP 2025 URAP; Manuscript support


Lab Photo August 2023

Clockwise from top left, ON ZOOM Molly Izer, Christine German, Andrew Strasberg, Jason Smith, Janet Marroquin; IN THE ROOM Stuart Loomis, Ethan Thomas, Daksha Magesh, Jena Musmar, Maaz Abbasi, Ysabella Aromas, Gabriella Grabovska, Anna Garren, Jennifer Victor, Tim Bynion. Not pictured: CJ Walker, Ashutosh Pathak, Aubrey Grant, Zona Khan, Eleni Mercer


Fall 2021 Victor Lab Participants

Photo of Prof. Victor with students
Clockwise from top-center: Andrew Strasberg, Sandra Tombe, Saarah Baig, Ethan Thomas, Nylah Mitchell, Prof. Victor, Molly Izer, Jason Smith, Tim Bynion. Fall lab participants not pictured: Aubrey Grant, Molly Reed, Sasha Silva, Aaron Stuvland,