Courses for the public

“Understanding the U.S. Government,” a 24-lecture series written by Professor Victor and produced by WondriumTM (formerly The Great Courses).

Undergraduate Courses

Introduction to American Politics
Syllabus (GOV 103, GMU, Fall 2021)
Syllabus (GOV 103, GMU, Spring 2021)
Syllabus (GOV 103, GMU, Fall 2020)
Syllabus (GOV 103, GMU, Fall 2018)
Syllabus (GOV 103, GMU, Fall 2017)
Class Activity – Marbury v. Madison

Legislative Behavior or Process
Syllabus (GOV 307, GMU, Fall 2016)

Interest Group Politics
Syllabus (GOV 318, GMU, Spring 2013)

Social Science Research Methods
Syllabus (GOV 300, Spring 2018)
Syllabus (GOV 300, Fall 2018)

Political Networks
Syllabus (GOV 400, GMU, Spring 2019)
Syllabus (GOV 319, GMU, Spring 2017)
Class activity: flocking
Class activity: contagion

Seminar in Political Polarization/U.S. Democracy in Crisis
Syllabus (GOV 490, GMU, Spring 2022, “U.S. Democracy in Crisis”)
Syllabus (GOV 490, GMU, Spring 2020, “U.S. Partisan Polarization”)

Perspectives on the 2020 Election
Syllabus (GOV 319, GMU, Fall 2020)

Graduate Courses (Ph.D.-level)

Scientific Method and Research Design
Syllabus (GOV 500, GMU, Spring 2020)

American Politics Core Pro-Seminar
Syllabus (GOV 510, GMU, Spring 2022)
Syllabus(GOV 510, GMU, Spring 2021)
Syllabus (GOV 510, GMU, Spring 2015)

Legislative Behavior or Process
Syllabus (GOV 604, GMU, Spring 2019)
Syllabus (GOV 604, GMU, Spring 2014)

American Political Behavior
Syllabus (POGO 841, GMU, fall21)

Interest Group Politics
Syllabus (PS 2270, U. Pitt, Spring 2007)

Course offerings Matrix

Fall 2016 Spring 2017 Fall 2017 Spring 2018 Fall 2018 Spring 2019 Spring 2020 Fall 2020 Spring 2021 Fall 2021 Spring 2022
GOV 103 X X X X X X
GOV 307 X
GOV 300 X X
PolNet X X
GOV 490 X X X
Elections X
GOV 500 X
GOV 510 X X
GOV 604 X
POGO 841 X


Teaching Portfolio, submitted for George Mason University Teaching Excellence Award, 2019


Public Presentations

2020 Election not-quite-postmortem, slide deck November 5, 2020 10:30am

“How did face masks become a partisan symbol? And other questions you didn’t learn in school.” Talk presented to the Alexandria Public Library Speaker Series, Wednesday, August 5, 2020, 3pm.


“The Political Implications of Covid-19,” lecture for Covid-19 and the Mason Impact, July 7, 2020 (UNIV391), July 7, 2020

Graduation Video for students in GOVT 490 in spring 2020 (original version) (Updated version, with more authors)

Graduation Video for students in GOVT 500 in spring 2020

Testimony to House Committee on the Modernization of Congress, hearing on congressional civility, September 26, 2019


Resources for students

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